Heat Flux Sensors of HFx series

Heat Flux Sensors of HFX series – the series of high sensitive and self- calibrating miniature sensors for conductive, convective and radiation heat fluxes. The Sensors are developed as a series of a range of sizes: 7×7, 12×12, 17×17 amd 22×22 mm2. Optional dimensions (size and thickness) as well as customized performance parameters are available on request. The Sensors were developed for measurement of conductive, convective and radiation heat fluxes in a wide range of heat flux intensities. The high sensitivity of the Sensors of the series provides accurate experiments and data on objects of investigations.

One of the feature of the Sensors is the self-calibration method (patent pending RU2014145948 dated 17.11.2014). It means possibility to calibrate precisely the Sensor by measurement of its thermoelectric performance parameters. It is not necessary to remove it and send to labs.

The calibration procedure is possible with use of Datalogger device of the DX8140 series, specially developed for thermoelectric Heat Flux Sensors, or by use of Z-meters. The calibration procedure is described in HTx Sensors Manual, Chapter 9.


Ultra-high sensitivity (Integral, Sa)
Miniature Dimensions
Variety of sizes and thicknesses
Ultra-high sensitivity (Integral, Se)
Patented self-calibrating method
180cm FET cable with Phoenix Connector

The Heat Flux Sensors of the HFX series – the series of high sensitive and self-calibrating miniature Sensors. The Sensors were developed for measurement of conductive, convective and radiation heat fluxes in a wide range of intensities.

The Sensors have a square shape. Electric connections come from the parts by a miniature FEP Flat Ribbon Cable (0.025” Pitch, 32 AWG). The standard length is 180 cm (6”). The cable output is ended by a six-pin miniature connector of the type DFMC 0,5/ 6- ST-2,54 (Phoenix). Both sides of the Sensors are ceramics (AlN) covered with black paint stable for working in wet ambient and even under water.

Internal ambient of the Sensor is potted by a silicon compound of high temperature stability.


Product nameUnitsHFD03-032-05L07HFD03-128-05L12HFD03-288-05L17HFD03-512-05L22
Detector TypeThermoelectric
Surface material Aluminum, painted black
Surface dimensions AxBmm27x712x1217x1722x22
Sensing areamm249144289484
Thickness Hmm2.
Pellet pairs32128288512
Sensitivity S euV/(W/m2 )2595210375
Integral sensitivity S aV/W0.560.660.740.78
Heat Flux Range P e , ±W/m24500500055005500
Integral Heat Flux Range P a , ±W0.
Thermal Time Constant ts2.
Thermal Resistance R TK/(W/m2)0.002090.001820.001810.00179
Integral Thermal Resistance R TK/W42.712.66.33.7
Electrical Resistance ACROhm3.614.23256.9
Temperature Dependence3)dS/dT%/°C0.
Linearity with Power dS/dP, ±%/(W/m2)0.0005230.0004550.0004520.000447
Homogeneity dS/dA, ±%1111
Calibration Accuracy, ±%3333
Calibration Temperature Range°C-40 … +85-40 … +85-40 … +85-40 … +85
Operating Temperature Range°C-50 … +150-50 … +150-50 … +150-50 … +150
Max. compressive force for clamping kg3122646
Integrated thermistorno
Cable4) Length L,cm180180180180
Connector5)FMC 0,5/6-ST-2,54-18211355

1)Performance data shown in specifications are given for ambient temperature Ta=300 K (27 °C)
2)Application in water - not more than 1 hour. Maximal temperature 100°C
3)Average value. Detailed temperature dependence is given in table
4)Sensor is equipped with thin FET cable 1.8 m, standard length.
5)Cable is ended (optional) by miniature connector FMC 0,5/6-ST-2,54-18211355. The female part - MCV 0,5/6-G-2,54 SMD R44-1821588

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