Miniature Thermoelectric Generators

DX2625 is a high-efficient self-contained thermoelectric generator block. It harvests waste heat and converts it into usable output DC power. With its compact size and high-performance conversion ratio this device is perfect as a stand-alone maintenance-free power supply for wireless sensors and networks (WSN). Modular construction, easy to mount design and up to 20mW real power output in natural convection conditions make DX2625 perfect also for LED lightning and battery charging applications.

Power from the harvester is generated by converting heat energy into electrical energy. The amount of generated electrical power depends on the temperature difference between heat source and ambient. In reality thermoelectric generators are sensitive to ambient conditions. Optimal TEG construction requires a perfect matching of thermal resistances between TEG and heatsink.

The key advantage of DX2625 is in its optimized and well-balanced electrical and thermal design. TEG efficiency depends a lot also on the ratio between TEG electrical resistance and resistance of the attached electronics. Simple at first glance, TEG energy harvesting idea turns into a complex engineering task with detailed thermal analysis and design. DX2625 is the compact “ready-to-use” TEG energy harvester, designed and already optimized by specialists in TEG applications. A visually simple solution is a combination of precise TEG estimations, accurate materials matching and a high-level engineering. The result is up to 20mW real output power in natural convection conditions, while the nearest analogs on the market have just a few milliwatts of actual output.

The output voltage of DX2625 can be regulated to accommodate three set points: 1.8V, 2.5V or 3.2V. Another great feature of DX2625 is its modular construction. The PCB inside has a reserved space for integrating customer electronics inside. Thus DX2625 from a pluggable TEG power supply unit can be transformed into a complete “all-in-one” solution based on customer requirements. Technically DX2625 is a high-performance energy harvesting TEG chassis for various applications


  • Compact TEG thermal energy harvester
  • High TEG converting efficiency
  • Up to 20mW real TEG output
  • Suitable for vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • Simple mounting
  • Possible integrating of Customer electronics


  • Wireless Sensors and Transmitters
  • LED Lighting
  • Battery Charging
  • Power Supply for IoT
  • Alternative for replaceable cell batteries

1Output VoltageV1.82.53.2
2Temperature Difference ºC15-70Thot - Tamb
3Output PowermW0.5-20
4Operating TemperatureºC-40-+85
5Dimensionsmm30 x 50 x 20.5W x L x H

Standard and Advanced Integrating Methods

DX2625 is the complete power supply unit with all electronics on-board. It’s a full set, you just need to plug it in and power your device. If required it’s possible to integrate customer electronic components right onto DX2625 PCB. It requires a customization, but in this case the device will be turned into a complete stand-alone sealed autonomous system, that can work for decades without any maintanance.

DX2625 Mini TEG is the example of high-end engineering approach in thermoelectric generating and green energy harvesting. Behind visually simple construction there is a full round of precise analysis, estimations, mechanical and thermal optimizations. The resulting efficiency of TEG harvester is at 5-8 times better than available analogs on the market.

DX2625 is the perfect solution for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) – a fast-growing market, that brings new possibilities with autonomous maintenance-free network systems. It brings new perspectives in automatic monitoring of power lines, forest fires, avalanches, hurricanes, failure of countrywide utility equipment, traffic, hospitals and much more. TEC Microsystems provides a full service with development and integrating of high-efficient compact thermoelectric generating solutions for WSN and similar applications.