PL Engineering Ltd. introduces complex device TEC Expert DX8020 for detailed examining of thermoelectric cooling modules, measurement of their various performance parameters. The DX8020 provides automatic capability to measure full specifications of a TE module at one measuring cycle in given ambient conditions.

DX8020 key features

  • DTmax, Qmax, Imax, Umax in a temperature range
  • TEC operation at different heat loads to cold side and to middle stages (multistage TECs)
  • Imitation of TEC operation in different applications
  • AC Resistance, Figure-of-Merit and Time Constant in a temperature range
  • Performance of TE Material (Seebeck constant a=ƒ(T), conductivity s=ƒ(T))

The DX80200 is intended for acceptance, qualification and research testing of TE modules.

Measured ParameterDesignationNotes
TE module temperature difference versus electric current at zero heat loadΔT=ƒ(I)Direct measurements: the hot side surface of a TE module is thermally stabilized
TE module maximum temperature difference at zero heat loadΔTmax
Electric current at which DTmax is achievedImax
TE module electric voltage versus electric current at zero heat loadU=ƒ(T)
Electric voltage at which DTmax is achievedUmax
TE module temperature difference versus heat load available at electric current fixedQ=ƒ(ΔT)
Maximum heat load capacity at Imax (ΔT=0)Qmax
TE module Figure-of-MeritZZ-meter measurements: the hot side surface of a TE module is or is not thermally stabilized
TE module electric resistanceR
TE module time constant at 0.01Imaxt
Average Seebeck coefficient of TE materialα
Average electric conductivity of TE materialσ

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