DX5300 Rack multichannel TEC controller

DX5300 Rack multichannel TEC controller allows simultaneous driving and characterization of up to 24 independent TECs or TEC assemblies. It is an ideal instrument for control of thermoelectric coolers and assemblies during reliability and lifetime studies.

DX5300 key features

  • Simultaneous testing of up to 24 TECs
  • 32 W per channel
  • TEC parameters monitoring during testing
  • Self-switching-off reaching preset end-of-test criteria
  • Tests according Telcordia, MIL-STD-883 and others
  • TEC testbed control block for accelerated testing
  • Custom test programs
  • Custom testbeds for TECs and assemblies

DX5300 combines all features of our TEC controllers and Z-meters including a number of various TEC operation modes and precise measurements and characterization of changes of TEC parameters during operation. TEC operation modes possible are PID, constant voltage, relay. TEC parameters controlled are TEC current and voltage, temperature, AC resistance R, figure of merit Z, time constant Τ. Additional optional TEC testbed control unit allows heating and temperature control of testbed with TECs and is very useful in case of accelerated TEC testing.

The software allowing various test programs including cycling test according to requirements of Telcordia GR468 Core and MIL-STD-883 F is supplied together with the system. The software analyses TEC performance in time and automatically highlights particular channel where changes require special attention. Every particular channel will self-switch-off if any TEC parameter will reach its preset end-of-test limit. The software may be also used for generation of test reports.

The rack consists of Power Supply unit for supply of temperature controllers and other internal electronics, TEC Control Unit and (optional) TEC Testbed Control unit. Interfaces available are RS 485, and USB.
PL Engineering Ltd. also offers development of custom testbeds for testing of particular coolers and assemblies and custom software to fulfil various specific test requirements.

DX5300 Main Technical Specification

TEC Control Modes
PID Yes TEC bi-directional (heating and cooling)
Constant Voltage Yes
Relay Switching Yes
Number of Channels 24 
Remote Control RS-485,USB 
Programming Protocol WAKE 
Operation Temperature°C15…+35 
Storage Temperature°C-20…+60 
Power Supply
AC VoltageV185…265 
AC CurrentA2x13 
Dimensions (PC not included)mm3970х550х770 PC not included
Power Supply Unit
Type C2682 2 Units
Input VoltageVAC185…265 
Output VoltageVDC12 
Maximum CurrentA60 Per Unit
TEC Control unit
Number of Channelspc24 
Programmable Thresholds
Temperature Threshold 2 Per channel
Voltage Threshold 1 Per channel
TEC driving – Absolute Maximum Ratings
Maximum CurrentA4  Per channel
Maximum VoltageV8
Maximum PowerW32
Parameters of TEC voltage Regulation
Voltage RangeV-8…+8 
Accuracy of Voltage RegulationmV1 
Resolution of Voltage SettingmV0.13 
Resolution of MeasurementV6 
Output Ripple, not moreV10 
Efficiency%85 DC-DC conversion Efficiency
Temperature Regulation
4-Wire Sensing Yes 
Setpoint Range°C-70…150 Typical values. Depends on thermistors type 
  Temperature Sensors
Platinum Thermistor 1000 PT100 default
OthersOhm70…99.500 NTC, PTC
TEC Testbed Control Unit (optional)
Heater VoltageVAC220 
Total Heating PowerW8x70 2 channels/ 4 per channel
Control Mode Relay 
Maximum Temperature°C+110 
Temperature Stability°C+/-2 
Temperature Sensor Pt1000 Others upon request
Heating Power Regulation 10-100% 
Regulation Step%10 
Number of Cooling Fans 4 Supported 2 units per channel (fans - 12 VDC)