R&D Devices

Complex R&D systems for TE Modules and materials precise analysis and estimations. Unique measurement devices with automatic capability to measure FULL specifications of a TE module at one measuring cycle in given ambient conditions. PL Engineering Ltd provides all necessary equipment for deep, thermoelectric coolers analysis and acceptance tests, qualification and research testing of TE modules.

The following key technology systems are available for TEM manufacturers and R&D centers:

DX8075“TEM Probe” system is developed for express examination of bulk crystals of thermoelectric materials made by crystal growth, hot pressing, extrusion and other manufacturing methods. The system provides automated measurements of the most important parameters like Seebeck coefficient and electric conductivity and their distribution across crystals/wafers.

DX8080“TEM Expert” is developed for laboratory testing of thermoelectric (TE) properties of the n/p-type material based on Bi2Te3 in pellets and is extremely useful for precise analysis of pellets properties.

DX8020 “TEC Expert” is complex system for most detailed examining of thermoelectric cooling modules over wide temperature range. DX8020 is excellent choice for customers, who looking for the most complete acceptance, qualification and research testing of TE modules.

DX5300 is a rack-type controller for lifetime and reliability tests of thermoelectric coolers and assemblies. It allows simultaneous testing of 24 TECs or assemblies according to the most common industry standards like Telcordia GR486 and MIL-STD-883 or others. All important TEC parameters are monitored in real-time during tests. Every particular channel will self-switch-off when TEC will reach pre-set end-of-test criteria. Test reports are easy to generate using complimentary software.